Hay Market : Part 1

Propaganda by the deed

Such European anarchists as Bakunin, Kropotkin and Guillaume living in a London and the Jura, had been keeping their eyes on the united states for years as a possible fertile field for anarchist propaganda and action. Indeed Bakunin, upon hearing of hunger parades in New York and elsewhere was thinking of going to America as early as 1874, but affairs in Europe and his ill health which presently resulted in his death kept him from making the trip. Now in the summer of 1877 receiving reports of battles in several states they were all filled as Guillaume put it “with a lively emotion”.

Kropotkin published a lengthy review of the riots singing his praise of the “revolutionary qualities” which the American proletariat had shown.

Modern American Radicalism started around 1840 when the Germans elite started to move to America because of Marx and Engels. These intelligentsia of immigration brought with them the Multiplicity of ideas to America because of Marx and Engles. The idea: reconstruction of the entire wealth of production into the hands of the producer. Not to abolish capital but the capitalist class but with no idea on how to apply this concept in America

By the 1850 numerous American cities had popped open Gemeran American societies and educational clubs. These clubs were opposed to law breaking and were akin to their teachers Marx and Engels. People were beginning to become disturbed by these socialist ideals. People who would have thought to be greedy power has driven and ecological exploitation of the environment and country, were beginning to think that were socialists would be getting in the way.

Through the 1860 socialists were considered polite refined and intellectual. Then with the panic of 1873 with that terrible winter and the hunger parades that came with the 1870’s depression. In new york, a “committee of safety” noted person Samuel Gompers and a young German Justus Schwab unfurled the red flag of commune the bloody flag of Paris rising to the side of Samuel Gompers. The German Justus Schwab was dragged off to prison singing the

Marseillais La Marseillaise waooooo

Eyewitness reports show that the police of New York then rushed in beat women and children as well as men indiscriminately swinging their long heavy passionate phallic batons.


Why you should hire The Dish Bunny

I am a programmer with a passion for developing. I know how to code Java, Python, and C++. I’ve made iOS apps and Android apps in college. And now I am looking to expand my business. As well as spread literature about feminism and other cool concepts if you want to read more. No harm comes from a little knowledge. Keeping this site afloat is kind of hard, but I’m not going to ask for donations. Now I will gamble on the fact that someone out there near Hamilton will need their dishes washed.

Gender is not about looking pretty.

Gender is about identity. Makeup is just another patriarchal oppresionist method to make women seem sexier. And as an AMAB GIVE ME THE SEXY I WANT ALL THE SEXY MAKEUP






The asinine goose jump over the loose log

And went down to see the nincompoop

She was an imbecile, but an alright fellow.

The pin-headed pumpernickel penguin played in a pasture presently.

With an inane apish fatuously goof of a gumball.


When Trans People are {R_WORD_CENSORED}

———-CENSORED————–. And I know that sounds like a terrible thing to say. So let me rephrase that, you have my empathy. For I am in a somewhat similar position. The position I relate most to you is somewhat hard for me to talk about. I don’t know if I am overstepping bounds, I don’t know if I will ever reach you with my post. But know you have my empathy because I feel for you. Even if I didn’t like your selfie. And that is my own insecurity, I am more angered that the community as a whole does not reach out to you more, especially the older members. For someone who seems to have been there a while to not have gotten any likes just because they do not meet the patriarchal standpoint of beauty at least I hope that is why you didn’t get those likes.

You see I have a sneaking suspicion the tiniest tiddlywink of a thought that I and other non-binaries and trans folk did not like your picture is because you look retarded. Not because of your gender. And by lepus does, it fill with me with anger and sadness when I wanted to crush this community cause I saw quite a couple come forth asking for the likes that everyone else gets, and what do these VALID trans folk get. Nothing, not even a comment. Although I didn’t monitor the issue and was told later that a few were validated. But I mean wheres the rainbow. Wheres the inclusion. According to Oxford dictionaries retarded is defined as “Less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one’s age.” Pardon the phrase but I also identify as retarded. And yes it does hurt quite a lot when I hear that word. Even in jest, or to point out stupidity. To me, that word should be defunct. But I find it also brings such clarity and forthrightness. I myself am socially inept, and my cognitive functioning is less than the norm.

I think that you are an incredibly brave individual, whoever you are. Someone who has overcome these developmental issues, and found your own identity. Be that nonbinary, trans male, or trans female. Gender is at least to me is a philosophy it is a way of life. A study of life, and a practice with which you can change your life for the better. Since you are able to know your identity. And still, have your developmental challenges.

I feel emphatic towards you going unnoticed for hours on my wall and my heart really reaches out to you here. I was called retarded during high school quite a lot. I have schizophrenia and bipolar and ADHD now. No the two are not correlated, at least that is my assumption. So I guess that whole thing kinda makes sense. I just didn’t know it at the time. And well I guess the point I’m trying to make is that don’t place value on what other people say or I guess if they like you or not… what a strange world. Feel good about yourself and understand that people out there care.

This ostracization of developmentally challenged and mentally ill from the Trans and possibly LGBT community must come to end.


Questionable Dosage Poetry.

I started writing poetry to express my mental illnesses of schizophrenia and bipolar. Later I learned to discuss my identity. Be that my gender, religion, or social pressures, all of which are unrelated to the illness i have.

Sound cloud for Spoken Word.


Image of Sonnet 218119604_1196874557106440_4388019514017338420_n

Few More Words

The Process of Coding My Poetry Program

In the above video I show my coding process. I always wondered about the coding process for different people. When people do tutorials all they seem to do is teach a lesson. I was more focused on showing people how to look stuff up and validating them that it is OK to not know everything and to find examples, and learn from them.

The Poetry App

The above video is the program without the dictionary which i not have updated on my github which you can find in my about section. If you would like a copy, just click download its free. But i think it only works on linux. But trust linux is the bomb ping!


Trans Call-out of Trump

I do not understand your faith, or are you merely trying to give people the rights to kill and harm.

We are men, not gods. Man is his own god, his own devil, his own death–we are created in our own image, yet imprisoned by the face we call our own.

So why then does trump protect those people that seek to only harm women and transgender people. By denying their rights and health care from medical professionals. These so called medical professionals seem to be a bit more of a medical joke. Ok so i can believe I can believe that God jesus and the hoooly spirit understand and cooperate to create world peace and the fruition of joy and understanding. But what i do not understand is how we let laymen not priests not popes, not pastors not truly christian pastors decide what their god is saying, Listen you would listen to a doctor about a sickness, you would listen to a plumber about a leak. You would listen to a truly christian pastor about God. Not some mask of a man parading around in a suit with the nuclear war codes hidden beneath his tiny hands. It reeeealy bugs me what trump says stuff even remotely close the divine. He has no divine. He is a bloody sociopathic capitalist. And in turn i do not believe that he can understand a divine figure such as the Hebrew God YWYW. In the end i would like to see that many of the people in the medical

community stand up to Trump, and that they should protect themselves from within. They need to harness

the ability of ostracization in order to create a better medical system which is fully inclusive to all people. Regardless of race, gender, or creed.

I would love to see trump talk about why god would want to kill trans people. *rolls eyes dramatically* Maybe he wouldn’t, maybe he would just say I am merely giving these people their right to choose… to kill people. Which is anarcho capitalism. Yes these woman killing, trans denying, sex prison owning anarcho capitalists are merely trying to destroy the very fabric of America. And while i am Canadian, and damn proud. Well not really. We have a lot of other problems too.  But i would say that Trump is worse the Harper. Not by much, but the pain seems to go away after a while. Trump needs to see his own god, to face his own devil, and to understand the image he is showing his nation and his children. Oh and i guess he is imprisoned in an orange face.



Dish Bunny is back!

Why eat out, the only problem is doing them dishes, So let the dish bunny do them do you!

Anyway I’m trying to save up money for college in case everything falls through, and I’m washing dishes for AirBnB, those who are not motivated, and for just about anyone. I offer a sliding scale of prices depending on situation and amount of dishes to be done. I can wash them by hand, clean and tidy when you do have a dishwasher. All that i ask is that i can use your water. I’ll bring suds and the sponges, ill dry off all your dishes and put them back in their place. If you have a community and wish to do it all in one go. That works too cause i charge by the hour. Although their is a sliding scale for those who need help in doing chores. I’ll gladly help out and do the dishes for you.

A little about me my name is Ian Kretz, i live in water down ontario and i would love to do your dishes. I am a poet, an hobbiest programmer, and a very nice guy. LGBTQ+ Is always very welcome. If you would like to know more about me feel free to contact me after 9am. I open 7 days a week mostly and can work around your schedules.

Prices: 15/h – 10/h based off psychological needs and motivation problems.

Contact me at 289 208 8049 text or call



Rave Drop-ins at Night

Rave Drop-ins at Night

There are many shelters and drop-ins throughout Toronto some of them offer harm reduction services and information. Places like The Meeting Place at queen and bathurst offer free laundry, computer use, free coffee and tea, books, and a “safe” place for people to hang out and do their thing. As long as you are respectful they will allow you to be there.

The main differences between drop-ins and shelters are that anyone can use a drop in while only members can use a shelter. Shelters are for sleeping and for living where drop-ins are for people who need somewhere to stay.

More drop-ins and shelters should have more safer use kits (crack pipes, needle kits, foils, etc) and needle drop-off boxes at the places even at youth drop ins. It’s better to have a person who uses drugs feel safe and secure with access to other services if they want then out on the streets fending for them self.

Drop-ins offer shelter from the cold and rain as well as finding shelter for people in need. If you need a shower you can get one or if your socks are wet from the snow just pop in and dry them off. Anyone at anytime can use them. These are community facilities and not just for the homeless. The vibe that we attract to these drop ins are made from the people we commit to being there the people we tend to show up are often in a bad situation but it beats just hanging out with a cellphone at a McDonalds.

Honestly for the rave community i would like to see things like The Meeting Place open all night. For out of town ravers this could be a hub of community that would keep people off the streets and in a safe spot with heat, computers, and free coffee. The city of toronto should offer more spots for ravers to hang out after parties as there are many out of towners that come in and then don’t have a place to hang out after.

Honestly if we tied this to harm reduction and had housing information, public outreach, condoms, needle boxes, and crack kits we may see less people hanging out in parks and more in shelters.

Now while some behaviour may seem illegal at least they are known addicts. Addicts will be friendly if they feel safe if they don’t they act aggressive to new people. Addicts take care of themselves and their family. While it looks like most people need help in these situations many can take care of themselves. So what we would be providing in more safety. WIth more drop-ins at night we are looking at safer streets for pedestrians and safer parks for others while people with dependency problems, partiers, ravers, and ne’er do wells are safe in a drop-ins.