Setting up a miner.

Prices in CAD 2018-02-18 End of night EST

This technology is extremely volatile thus the only way to know its price is to log into the system or create your own program i suggest Udemy and getting a python tutorial.

The below link is an forum post on bitcointalk a well trusted bitcoin mining tool, notice how they are using a bitcoin forum and i can mine ethereum with this tool. 

  2. Collect your private key for ethereuem use the ethereum wallet or Jaxx
  3. Collect your private key for pacal or sai on their respective wallets
  4. PLEASE READ THE HELP ME!!!!!!!!! plz plz plz
  5. Note that fines are 1% for mining solo
  6. Notes that fines are 2% for mining dual
  7. Do not add -nofee the miner will stop working
  8. Create a .bat file
    1. Or copy a .dat batfile
    2. Or edit a .dat file.
  9. Change the vales for -dwal <YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY> Coming up!!
  10. Add a worker name email monitoring and rig name
  11. dots are used for pascal
  12. slashes for ether

It should look something like this

#<VARIABLE> = a string or int or byte or something like that

#This is for RX580 Not the most efficient setup of one card but it’ll get you runnin






<.Exe for miner> -epool <your_pool_http>:<port number> -ewal <private key>/><Rig Name>/ -epsw <PasswordX> -dpool stratum+tcp:// -dwal <private key>.><Rig Name> x -dcoin pasc -ftime 10

  1. Then go to the api after you have the amount of shares needed
  2. Go to nanopool
  3. Click Ethereum
  4. Click API
  5. Enter your address
  6. Look at the results
  7. Do analysis of income – expenses
  8. Break down into hourly wage
  9. Break down into 2 week earning
  10. Buy some python courses
  11. Track your profit in USD/CAD
    1. Take your .1 of eth or btc multiply by the price of the coin
    2. If you chose USD that is the amount you have in USD
    3. if you choose CAD that is the amount you have in CAD

Ether is the only way I can be the proletariat because of a book called settlers.I can use Nicehash get paid in bitcoin for use of my computer to mine coins. Or keep the coins i produce by directly mining the ethereum blockchain. Or invest in ads and altcoins. – anon

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