Nanopool hack – Tojan is it a keylogger?

Is Microsoft leaning more towards the mining methods of nicehash? Today on my nanopool claymore miner i got a virus or it detected the .exe as a virus. Nice hash seems to still be working. Which is odd cause i thought that Microsoft supported Ethereum more then Bitcoin.

But i suppose this is because of the method of payment that Nicehash uses. To me it kinda makes sense that miners are paid in bitcoin rather then collecting the coins and holding on to them or selling them.

Last night i was mining on Nanopool and i got a message about a trojan that had been deleted. I hopped on reddit, and saw that someone had gotten an message about.

So i found that this same error message was related to a keylogger. On the Ubisoft forum.

See this is the problem with Nanopool you can’t dynamically switch your wallets, in the case of keyloggers.

Nice hash doesn’t seem to have this problem. I didn’t get an error, nor a defneder message. I suppose the 3rd party miners, did their job in preventing this… or just hiding the message. I also suppose that this keylogger could only effects Nanopool. I got confirmation on Facebook mining group that another user was mining on Nano and got this message, as well as confirmation on Reddit.

Nicehash offers the comfortable knowledge that you coin is at least somewhat safe. With rumors of Nicehash saying they will pay back the funds that were stolen in 2017. They offer a great user interface, and at least by my calculations are more profitable for the 1 GPU miner as long as you are CPU mining as well.



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