2 things I need to live in the cyber punk future

1. A fancy hat or goggles:

This ones a given you gotta have flair everyone needs a thing to look at and why not get some hats or goggles, i mean they would make you looking pretty alright.

2. A blockchain

  1. Bitcoin Wallet

    I’d suggest playing around with it for a while learning the functions, reading the terms and conditions. Don’t change the gap.

  2. Miners:

Rent mining space or if you have a 1080ti or RX560 or above you can make a small profit with Nice Hash. I suggest to use the profitability calculator. It has loads and stats also look up the price of electricity i run a 140W motherboard at off peak at .065cent kW/h. Nice hash is a mining program that allows you to do transactions on the side off the block chain. So you can get paid faster. Its called accounting, and i think its pretty neat. I mean i know it’s been around for a while but still its a great idea.

      a.Pizza delivery by the mob:

I read this in a book once, about a hitman who comes after people who don’t pay their pizza bill. It was called Snow crash by Neal Stephenson.

    b. Decentralized Autonomous Robotics:

 In this report, we try to improve the performance of existing approaches for search operations in multi-robot context. We propose three novel algorithms that are using a triangular grid pattern, i.e., robots certainly go through the vertices of a triangular grid during the search procedure. The main advantage of using a triangular grid pattern is that it is asymptotically optimal in terms of the minimum number of robots required for the complete coverage of an arbitrary bounded area. We use a new topological map which is made and shared by robots during the search operation. We consider an area that is unknown to the robots a priori with an arbitrary shape, containing some obstacles. Unlike many current heuristic algorithms, we give mathematically proofs of convergence of the algorithms. The computer simulation results for the proposed algorithms are presented using a simulator of real robots and environment. We evaluate the performance of the algorithms via experiments with real robots. We compare the performance of our own algorithms with three existing algorithms from other researchers. The results demonstrate the merits of our proposed solution. A further study on formation building with obstacle avoidance for a team of mobile robots is presented in this report. We propose a decentralized formation building with obstacle avoidance algorithm for a group of mobile robots to move in a defined geometric configuration. Furthermore, we consider a more complicated formation problem with a group of anonymous robots; these robots are not aware of their position in the final configuration and need to reach a consensus during the formation process. We propose a randomized algorithm for the anonymous robots that achieves the convergence to a desired configuration with probability 1. We also propose a novel obstacle avoidance rule, used in the formation building algorithm. Decentralized Autonomous Navigation Strategies for Multi-Robot Search and Rescue




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