I am a Communal Indivulaist.

I am and believe in the individual. I am and believe that anyone properly supported will be an individual and should have a mean of production. Even if that means of production is the skill of helping other individuals. Even if the means of production is the romanticization of poverty, wealth, anarchy, feminism, transhumanism, or the concept of self. Be their means of production labour, theory, application of technology, or application of theory.




I probably will read Max Stirner [wiki link] and the theory of anarcho-egoism. I seem to be interested in the concept of individual choice of finding passion. This coupled with the anarcho-mutualism of everyone having a means of production in a free market. Makes for anarcho-medicalism. I do not know enough about economics to speculate on a shared credit system. But my main fear of anarcho-communism is that I wouldn’t have a means of production from which to provide for my family. And help them as they grow. I wish to understand anarcho-communism. But the lectures are dry and not very queer.

In order for the individual to be successful in the free market, one must be supported. At least for a disabled individual as myself. One or many could make a shared business out of successfully creating collaborative individuals out of the insane, disabled, and noncollaborative. Although I don’t know about changing the noncollabs to collabs I think it seams against their nature.

Medicalism: the acceptance of labels to classify us as different beings, and to form a community within these bounds. I suppose says the individual who has been exposed to psychiatry. And the scientific notion that everything can proven with the fact that everything is communicated through sciences such as biology, chemicalism, and physics.  What does anarcho-medicalism mean to this nation? It means that my means of production should include the means of production of my medicine. If pot smokers get the ability to produce their medicine, then so should I. Although I suppose one is a common weed, and the other a highly sought over a resource for making batteries and the other treating wounded soldiers.

TransHumanism. Is it right to change the body and mind to fit into society?


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