5 ways to be a better dishwasher

Control the Environment

Understand that you are in control of the dish pit the area which you control is yours you can flow it out, you can talk back to servers and try to organize the revolution of the dishpit.

You can eat the food.

Just eat it, I mean stick your finger in the moist crumbly center and fucking eat it. I mean if they arn’t going to feed you. eat that damn food. I did. Its was good. I loved eating the bacon bits and bits of fries. I mean i wouldnt eat everything but i def met people who would.

Demand to be fed.

Dishwashers should be fed real food. A whole meal. I don’t give a fuck if min wage is up so the high dishwasher is under a lot of stress and should get paid more and have a proper dinner.


Organize the area, understand the area, know the small places and that large places. Know that the people stacking the dishes are working too and that it is your job to organize the dishes. I mean not all the time, i mean some servers do organize. And i wov u but it is the job of the disher to organize the dishes. So that they can be clean and be reused by the cooks.

Be Chill

Understand the people are going to get on your nerves, that people don’t always respect the dishwasher. But just know that a lot of chefs do. That we are needed in the kitchen. Because of us we have plate of which to put food.




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