Do i grasp at labels, am I a conformist? But what exactly did i conform too? Something that is the real me? I mean what exactly am I conforming too? Revolution? Revolution from what: a system of oppression.

Am i oppressed or helped? I’m not the real me, but the real me is un functional even for the revolution, even from basic life. Even when helped… im pathetically useless in all cases. I can’t help anyone cause i can barley talk. I don’t have pride and that is pitiful because I’m an underdog, I AM NOT MY FATHER! I screech in the winds of tribulation. Tumbling into the timbers of triumph. Basic rights and fundamental basic needs is all I want. To take nothing but which i am. But I am a conformist. A reject from society. Is that oppression to ostracize the mentally ill.


From each their abilities, to each their own, to each their basic needs. And i have the last too, but my abilities are not harnessed. And if i try too. I’ll loose myself. I’ll bend myself to middle class the reality of revolution is impossible for me. Cause i can’t grow lithium, cause i can’t grow Abilify. Should i study chemistry inline of the revolution. The reality that i am labeled as insane is to much.


But i will not give in, i will not be persecuted for being a schziophrenic. I will be my gender. I will be my illness. and I will be THE DISH BUNNY BITCH..,..?! And even if i take a little warming up too. I’ll make it. You’ll make it. We’ll all make it. Cause in the revolution. We”ll need people who can stay awake for days, and the intuition to sense the thoughts of others. And that. That is my ability that is not being harnessed. Hypomania and psychosis is a terrible state of being, but its me. AND IM GOD DAMN PROUD!! And thank you doc. Thank you for controlling me in this society that we all share. So that i have chance. At a better life.

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