Trans Call-out of Trump

I do not understand your faith, or are you merely trying to give people the rights to kill and harm.

We are men, not gods. Man is his own god, his own devil, his own death–we are created in our own image, yet imprisoned by the face we call our own.

So why then does trump protect those people that seek to only harm women and transgender people. By denying their rights and health care from medical professionals. These so called medical professionals seem to be a bit more of a medical joke. Ok so i can believe I can believe that God jesus and the hoooly spirit understand and cooperate to create world peace and the fruition of joy and understanding. But what i do not understand is how we let laymen not priests not popes, not pastors not truly christian pastors decide what their god is saying, Listen you would listen to a doctor about a sickness, you would listen to a plumber about a leak. You would listen to a truly christian pastor about God. Not some mask of a man parading around in a suit with the nuclear war codes hidden beneath his tiny hands. It reeeealy bugs me what trump says stuff even remotely close the divine. He has no divine. He is a bloody sociopathic capitalist. And in turn i do not believe that he can understand a divine figure such as the Hebrew God YWYW. In the end i would like to see that many of the people in the medical

community stand up to Trump, and that they should protect themselves from within. They need to harness

the ability of ostracization in order to create a better medical system which is fully inclusive to all people. Regardless of race, gender, or creed.

I would love to see trump talk about why god would want to kill trans people. *rolls eyes dramatically* Maybe he wouldn’t, maybe he would just say I am merely giving these people their right to choose… to kill people. Which is anarcho capitalism. Yes these woman killing, trans denying, sex prison owning anarcho capitalists are merely trying to destroy the very fabric of America. And while i am Canadian, and damn proud. Well not really. We have a lot of other problems too.  But i would say that Trump is worse the Harper. Not by much, but the pain seems to go away after a while. Trump needs to see his own god, to face his own devil, and to understand the image he is showing his nation and his children. Oh and i guess he is imprisoned in an orange face.



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