Hay Market : Part 1

Propaganda by the deed

Such European anarchists as Bakunin, Kropotkin and Guillaume living in a London and the Jura, had been keeping their eyes on the united states for years as a possible fertile field for anarchist propaganda and action. Indeed Bakunin, upon hearing of hunger parades in New York and elsewhere was thinking of going to America as early as 1874, but affairs in Europe and his ill health which presently resulted in his death kept him from making the trip. Now in the summer of 1877 receiving reports of battles in several states they were all filled as Guillaume put it “with a lively emotion”.

Kropotkin published a lengthy review of the riots singing his praise of the “revolutionary qualities” which the American proletariat had shown.

Modern American Radicalism started around 1840 when the Germans elite started to move to America because of Marx and Engels. These intelligentsia of immigration brought with them the Multiplicity of ideas to America because of Marx and Engles. The idea: reconstruction of the entire wealth of production into the hands of the producer. Not to abolish capital but the capitalist class but with no idea on how to apply this concept in America

By the 1850 numerous American cities had popped open Gemeran American societies and educational clubs. These clubs were opposed to law breaking and were akin to their teachers Marx and Engels. People were beginning to become disturbed by these socialist ideals. People who would have thought to be greedy power has driven and ecological exploitation of the environment and country, were beginning to think that were socialists would be getting in the way.

Through the 1860 socialists were considered polite refined and intellectual. Then with the panic of 1873 with that terrible winter and the hunger parades that came with the 1870’s depression. In new york, a “committee of safety” noted person Samuel Gompers and a young German Justus Schwab unfurled the red flag of commune the bloody flag of Paris rising to the side of Samuel Gompers. The German Justus Schwab was dragged off to prison singing the

Marseillais La Marseillaise waooooo

Eyewitness reports show that the police of New York then rushed in beat women and children as well as men indiscriminately swinging their long heavy passionate phallic batons.


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