Dish Bunny is back!

Why eat out, the only problem is doing them dishes, So let the dish bunny do them do you!

Anyway I’m trying to save up money for college in case everything falls through, and I’m washing dishes for AirBnB, those who are not motivated, and for just about anyone. I offer a sliding scale of prices depending on situation and amount of dishes to be done. I can wash them by hand, clean and tidy when you do have a dishwasher. All that i ask is that i can use your water. I’ll bring suds and the sponges, ill dry off all your dishes and put them back in their place. If you have a community and wish to do it all in one go. That works too cause i charge by the hour. Although their is a sliding scale for those who need help in doing chores. I’ll gladly help out and do the dishes for you.

A little about me my name is Ian Kretz, i live in water down ontario and i would love to do your dishes. I am a poet, an hobbiest programmer, and a very nice guy. LGBTQ+ Is always very welcome. If you would like to know more about me feel free to contact me after 9am. I open 7 days a week mostly and can work around your schedules.

Prices: 15/h – 10/h based off psychological needs and motivation problems.

Contact me at 289 208 8049 text or call


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