5 less then thought of jobs when your cyber punk


Rummage shiner:

Like the ol spit clean, or perhaps you are more of a chemical kid. Well in the dystopian future there will be an endless supply of metal. And you know what this metal needs to be shined and collected and put on the fronts of green cars powered by coal. Become a master of the chemical cleaner. Possible jobs include hell holes dish washer(think of the free bones to munch on), making coins to trick people into thinking its a currency, kinda like bitcoin. Anything that needs a shine if you have the chemical you can clean it, So get out there and find some E-Z Kleen.

Chatbot simulator:

Love talking to people, but dont want to be one of them? Be a chatbot simulator and read and write your heart away as you twist the minds of your fellow man. Basically the people think they are talking to a bot, but they are talking, to a human trying to see if they can act like a bot.

Gear Widdler:

In order to widdle the widdliest of the gears, One must understand that gears can be made of plastic, metal, or some kind of wet ware. Wet ware gears are best to try and end up being the hardest of the gears to widdle. Widdleing takes a lot of time. Sometimes done with lazers sometime done with sharp tools. In the end the purpose is to create gears for other gears to gear along the grealy way.

Writing Nonsense:

This is most fun job you will ever have, simply start off on a free website and write what ever comes to your head just keep writing delete nothing and in the end you will have nonsense. Unless of course you are a logical mind and then you will have logical nonsense.

Making Noises Online Professionally:

Record a sound with your found and twiddle and fiddle rip and rhyme the sounds to the other sounds to create noise. Then Blast this noise as long and as far as you possibly can.

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