Few More Words More Application.

Automatic scansion, a grid mode where you can see the shape the letters take up and have a snap to grid option, a really, really robust grammar checker, a parallelism identifier to catch unexpected/unwanted repetitions to play with, extreme modability, an automatic back-up, easily downloadable fonts, a better system for symbols like the dash, better alignment options, a symbol creator tool, a submission template, the option to sync to google docs, etc. etc.


Check to see how the word is used. Addition to PyDictionary



Reading Level Analysis, poetic influences analysis, Tone analysis, Cliche Analysis, Predictable Word Analysis, Parallelism Syntax Identifier.


Predictable Word Analysis could possibly be done by getting the score from datamuse and comparing it to the word typed last

Additional Programming To be Done in 0.3

-Sound out word, Average word length, syllable counter, Save to file, Display Journal.


-String Manipulator to have last word and search for next word,

-Pythonic Sound Out DIstro found on github

-Average Word Length: String manipulation plus count char.

-Syllable Counter: Data muse


Django Rest Additional Costs of Linux/Microsoft Server

Sync to Google Docs, WordPress, Microsoft Cloud


Data entry

Poetic Templates,


DataBase Coding

Change Tracker, backup


Fuzzy logic on the rhyme level so that you have perfect rhymes, Secondary rhymes, tertiary etc…

Also multiple word rhymes – so things like that Eminem clip where he rhymes “orange “ with “four inch door hinge”


  • Reading level analysis.
  • Average sentence length. Sentence length variation. Flag repetitious sentence structures.
  • Average word length.
  • Stylistic analysis/identification (likely poetic influences).
  • Tone analysis.
  • Word-by-word predictability analysis. Flag predictable words.
  • Flag cliches.


Parallelism Identifier: The use of identical or equivalent syntactic constructions in corresponding clauses or phrases. Syntactic:


Robust Grammer Checker:


Automatic Scansion: Split the text into lines; each will be scanned separately.

  1. Certain letter combinations are treated as indivisible units; mark them as such.
    • Determine when “i” acts as a vowel or a consonant. My rule of thumb is to treat “i” as a consonant whenever it’s between two vowels (e.g. “Troiae”), or when it’s the first letter of a word and the second letter is a vowel (“iacta”)— in all other cases, I treat “i” as a vowel.
    • Consolidate digraphs. Treat the pairs “qu”, “ch”, “ph”, and “th” as single consonants of length 1.
    • Consolidate dipthongs. Treat pairs of vowels such as ae and oe as single vowels of length 2. (This has various effects, such as elliding the entire dipthong— and not just the first vowel— whenever ellision happens.)
    • Consolidate muted+liquid consonant pairs. Whenever a mute consonant (b,c,d,f,g,p,t) is followed by a liquid consonant (l,r), treat the pair as a single consonant of length 1.
    • Mark double-length consonants. Mark the consonants x and z as having length 2.
  2. Look at the neighbors of vowels to see which vowels are long by position or ellided.
    • To determine whether a vowel is long by position, look at the letters that follow it (ignoring all whitespace—the letters do not necessarily have to be in the same word.) The vowel is long by position if the next letter is a double-length consonant, or the next two letters are both consonants. Long vowels are marked as having length 2 instead of the default length 1.
    • A vowel is ellided (suppressed or silenced) if it matches the following regular expression: /([aeiouy])m? h?[aeiouy]/i. In other words, a vowel is ellided if it is the last letter of a word (except for maybe m), and the next word in the line starts with a vowel (or h). There is a special case, which is if the second word is specifically est or es—forms of “to be”— in which case the initial e of es or est is ellided instead of the vowel that matched.
  3. Guess which vowels are long and short by nature, using the constraint that the meter is dactylic hexameter. Scansion is entirely deterministic if you use accents mark the so-called natural length of each vowel. But this program trades deterministic computing for an easy-to-use interface: it doesn’t require you to mark your vowels in this way; instead, it guesses the appropriate accents (i.e. the natural length of each vowel) using the following inference procedure
    • The letter-o hack: Assume the letter o at the end of a word is always long. (This is not, as a rule, true— but it’s a helpful assumption.)
    • Compute the number of dactyls and spondees in the line. In a line of perfect dactylic hexameter, you can compute the number of dactyls and spondees based on the number of syllables: The number of dactyls must be 15 less than the number of syllables, and the number of spondees plus the number of dactyls must be 6 (the total number of feet since the meter is hexameter). Counting syllables is easy: just count the number of vowels which aren’t elided (a dipthong counts as a single vowel).
    • Starting at the end of the line and working leftward, greedily try to make each foot a dactyl. This is a very simple constraint satisfaction problem: until you fill your dactyl quota, try to make each foot a dactyl. This will always work except if the dactyl would make a vowel short when it’s already known to be long (by position, or because it’s a dipthong.) Whenever the attempt fails, assume that the foot is a spondee instead, and continue on to the next foot. When you fill your dactyl quota, mark all remaining feet as spondees (and thus all remaining vowels as long).

This simple search heuristic is not flawless— but it works surprisingly well; I suspect part of the success is due to the fact that the penultimate foot is almost always a dactyl (this is why I begin search with the penultimate foot), and because there are usually enough dipthongs and long-by-nature vowels around to make the problem highly constrained. The program is interesting because it has to search and make guesses; it doesn’t scan the way you would if you knew the lengths of the vowels by nature. Instead, it works backwards: starting from the assumption that the meter is perfect dactylic hexameter, it is able to determine the natural length of each vowel by guessing which feet are dacyls and which are spondees.

Some encryption stuff for Virtual Box.

VBoxManage encryptmedium “uuid|filename” –newpassword “file|-” –cipher “cipher id” –newpasswordid “id”

VBoxManage controlvm “uuid|vmname” addencpassword “id” “password” [–removeonsuspend “yes|no”]

VBoxManage encryptmedium “uuid|filename” –oldpassword “file|-”

9.32.1. Hyper-V debug options

All of the options listed below are optional, and thus the default value specified will be used when the corresponding key-value pair is not specified.

  • Key: enabledValue: 0 or 1Default: 0

    Specify 1 to enable the Hyper-V debug interface. If this key-value pair is not specified or the value is not 1, the Hyper-V debug interface is disabled regardless of other key-value pairs being present.

  • Key: addressValue: IPv4 addressDefault:

    Specify the IPv4 address where the remote debugger is connected.

  • Key: portValue: UDP port numberDefault: 50000

    Specify the UDP port number where the remote debugger is connected.

  • Key: vendorValue: Hyper-V vendor signature reported via CPUID to the guestDefault: When debugging is enabled: Microsoft Hv, otherwise: VBoxVBoxVBox

    Specify the Hyper-V vendor signature which is exposed to the guest via CPUID. For debugging Microsoft Windows guests, it is required the hypervisor reports the Microsoft vendor.

  • Key: hypercallinterfaceValue: 0 or 1Default: 0

    Specify whether hypercalls should be suggested for initiating debug data transfers between host and guest rather than MSRs when requested by the guest.

  • Key: vsinterfaceValue: 0 or 1Default: When debugging is enabled, 1, otherwise 0

    Specify whether to expose the “VS#1” (virtualization service) interface to the guest. This interface is required for debugging Microsoft Windows 10 32-bit guests, but is optional for other Windows versions.

Hyper-V: Presents a Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor interface which is recognized by Windows 7 and newer operating systems. VirtualBox’s implementation currently supports paravirtualized clocks, APIC frequency reporting, guest debugging, guest crash reporting and relaxed timer checks. This provider is recommended for Windows guests.

VBoxManage showvminfo "VM name"


ICH9 or PIIX3?

doesn’t matter what chipset the host has.

It should not matter what you choose for the guest as long as its supported by the guest … its software emulated anyway. PIIX3 is VBox default and thats what i choose for my Win XP guests. I guess the other may be for compatibility with imported virtual machines or machines converted from real or just may be virtual Applemac needs this.

Thank you very much for that quick response. This comes up because I read on Wikipedia that PIIX3 supports USB 1.1, and I’d prefer that the virtual machine supports USB 2.0, that’s why I thought ICH9 would be better. Perhaps this doesn’t apply to the Virtualbox? Thanks

ahh… yes, confirmed by creating a dummy guest type Mac OSX gets ICH9. A guest type Windows7 gets PIIX3

Virtual Box

Paravirtualization is an enhancement of virtualization technology in which a guest OS is recompiled prior to installation inside a virtual machine. Paravirtualization allows for an interface to the virtual machine that can differ somewhat from that of the underlying hardware. Using virtual box, from oracle.

Wikipedia Page for Paravirtualization

None: Specifying none explicitly turns off exposing any paravirtualization interface.

Default: The option default, will pick an appropriate interface depending on the guest OS type while starting the VM. This is the default option chosen while creating new VMs.

Legacy: The legacy option is chosen for VMs which were created with older VirtualBox versions and will pick a paravirtualization interface while starting the VM with VirtualBox 5.0 and newer.

Minimal: Announces the presence of a virtualized environment. Additionally, reports the TSC and APIC frequency to the guest operating system. This provider is mandatory for running any Mac OS X guests.

KVM: Presents a Linux KVM hypervisor interface which is recognized by Linux kernels starting with version 2.6.25. VirtualBox’s implementation currently supports paravirtualized clocks and SMP spinlocks. This provider is recommended for Linux guests.

Hyper-V: Presents a Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor interface which is recognized by Windows 7 and newer operating systems. VirtualBox’s implementation currently supports paravirtualized clocks, APIC frequency reporting, guest debugging, guest crash reporting and relaxed timer checks. This provider is recommended for Windows guests.


I chose Hyper-V

Dosage bring her A game

After a daring and courageous attempt to prevail in block chain she unloads her heart upon DJ Jimni Cricket, DJ Ham H, and tossed in DJ Gammer. This is a micro mix, with my own hand written poetry. Edj was used in the making of this application.

I found the easy use UI design to be comfortable and very fun. I learned as I went and understood most of what they had shown me. An interesting and hours of enjoyment plus artistic creation and the ability to share coming in the future. Some other updates I would like to see if upload to YouTube, SoundCloud, and mix cloud.



Ajax is a client-side script that communicates to and from a server/database without the need for a postback or a complete page refresh. The best definition I’ve read for Ajax is “the method of exchanging data with a server, and updating parts of a web page – without reloading the entire page.”


AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript And XML.

AJAX is not a programming language.

AJAX just uses a combination of:

A browser built-in XMLHttpRequest object (to request data from a web server)
JavaScript and HTML DOM (to display or use the data)

AJAX allows web pages to be updated asynchronously by exchanging data with a web server behind the scenes. This means that it is possible to update parts of a web page, without reloading the whole page.

In general, asynchronous (pronounced ay-SIHN-kro-nuhs, from Greek asyn-, meaning “not with,” and chronos, meaning “time”) is an adjective describing objects or events that are not coordinated in time. In information technology, the term has several different usages.

1. An event occurs in a web page (the page is loaded, a button is clicked)
2. An XMLHttpRequest object is created by JavaScript
3. The XMLHttpRequest object sends a request to a web server
4. The server processes the request
5. The server sends a response back to the web page
6. The response is read by JavaScript
7. Proper action (like page update) is performed by JavaScript

function loadDoc() {
**var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();**
xhttp.onreadystatechange = function() {
if (this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200) {
document.getElementById(“demo”).innerHTML = this.responseText;
xhttp.open(“GET”, “ajax_info.txt”, true);


Use XMLHttpRequest (XHR) objects to interact with servers. You can retrieve data from a URL without having to do a full page refresh. This enables a Web page to update just part of a page without disrupting what the user is doing. XMLHttpRequest is used heavily in Ajax programming.

Summary of Ian Kretz

Proof is in the facebook data.

People are machvilian egoists, and post-postmodern artists, and drug consumers; I’ll give you that. In my travels across and into Toronto and Hamilton i have gotten to know, sparingly and plotted randomly throughout, some of the best and some of the worst people ever to have grace our populous. From those who do nothing and survive threw the grit of their teeth and the triumph of their intuitively. To those who ignore the suffering of others, and virtuously assume grandeur and leave the poor to their fate. To those like my family who have sacrificed much to preserve their child. I am just a poet, a programmer, and a general labourer; lost in her code, her life, and her dreams. Being a woman; a trans woman. From a recovery period in our economic time, due to the housing markets, and dividends. After as i call it. The creation Tron. Tron is a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum block-chain. While not single handedly fixing anything about it, i did get to choose the name of and lead and followed some small measure of social media presence online. Such as: Fully Automated Luxury Communism, an information and mostly dead mème page. It was nixed by many, and became semi-automated business class centrism. I did not create either, i simply helped create the propaganda. I did this for country as we need automation and video-gamification of work.

Post modernism as i define it, is the creation of mèmes, art, and poetry to defend attack and criticize the world around us and the bourgeois. A ultra-powerful demi-god humanoid with wealth in a Captain position. Through an economic mutualist adoption of some economic principles laid out by our society through the internet. This is anarchy. Mutualism as i define it is the economic property of some people believing that all, should own a means of production. I have been involved in fully automated business class centrism, trans rights anarchist propaganda, as well as an anarchist book fair in Hamilton through my own onus. A mème as i define them into five categories. Recovery mèmes, political mèmes, activist mèmes, advertising mème, and as L defines them, informational mèmes. Of course there is cover; these pictures of dogs and cats. Call it what you will, but this is the life of the modern technocrat, this preservation and categorical collaboration, and surfing through the annals of our ethos.

I believe in our medical system, for i have tested it thoroughly as a schizoaffective man, not cisgendered, but transgendered. A trans woman. A queer trans woman. Such that i dress the way i do, as to present myself as i would, not as i can, but as i will. For because i think, therefore I remember. Six long years in an invisible prison built with my own pathos. I am who i am; to be someone just so i could survive past the age of eight. Made it through 3 years of Humber College, past the current opiate crisis without succumbing once, and finally navigating through the mental health system as a transgender woman, and schizoaffective client. On a cool blue September on the asphalt of my grade school St. Thomas, in waterdown. Ironically a condo now, as the people of Toronto would say, and I returned to school; after a bourgeoisies summer. I talked to my friend Sean about being a woman, and forgot as my childhood was blessed, but lonely. A sort of post-modernist virtual reality, male. I am a trans queer woman, stigmatized before but not after.

With current presence in Doug Ford’s imposition, because he threw out consent, and lgbt education. That is who Ian or as she prefers Whitney Purple Kretz is trying to defeat these CEO’s of the populous these bourgeoisies, not yet turning to the optimal position of mutualism and the technocracy… The technocracy look it up.I do not follow this, I am attractive i will as attractive as i can be.A poem to Donald Trump about people not being treated medically cause they were transgenderWhy is crime so high with trans peopleContact me here.RETARDED

New C++ Project

So I’m doing my research into my whole transgender issue. Cause it is kinda an issue; not to me. But due to societies different cultures.

Software to make trans experiences more accessible to the trans population.
First thing make a hormone index based off the attached chart. To reference Glands, Hormones, and effects.



  • Made Header files for human, gland, hormone, stimulating hormone, definition.
  • linked the 2dvector of hormones to the vector of gland names
  • main->human->gland->hormone ->stimulating hormone


the hormones in a map<gland> of a vector<string>

Gland ovaries = getGlandFromMap(“ovaries”);

-Create the hormone
-Apply stimulating hormone other hormones to create effects

  • how long do the LH effects last is it normal?
  • How long do the ACTH effects last?
    • Both are calculated by a DAE i think…

-Link stimulated hormonal effects to their times and their generational rate back to each Gland.

So it looks like the Hypothalamus stimulates the Pituitary  gland while the pituitary gland supplies the hormones such as LH(trans man) and ACTH(trans woman). Then Estrogen is added and Progesterone. Probably way more complicated.

How This Works:
The program works by main creating a new human class and this creates all the Glands, and and then once i have completed the rest of my data entry, and have found the DAE https://en.wikipedia.org/…/Differential-algebraic_system_of… of the following consumption and production rates of the hormones listed in the double vector. I can then have to find the rate at which they loose their effect. Right?

Throw all that into an equation/algorithm, and balance the chemical equations.

as much fun as this all is and as much as i can make future predictions on my blood tests, how the hell do i make money out of this? I’m broke. Going back to school for the exact damn thing but software instead of games. Pretty happy bout that. But damn do i have no business sense.

Installing Python on Windows 10 for Powershell

  1. Go to Python Website/dowloads/windows.
  • Download Windows x86-64 embeddable zip file.

2. Open Windows Explorer

  • open zipped folder python-3.7.0
  • In the windows toolbar with the Red flair saying “Compressed Folder Tool”
  • Press “Extract” button on the tool bar with “File” “Home “Share” “View”
  • Select Extract all
    • Extraction process is not covered yet
  • Once extracted save onto SDD or fastest memory device. Not usb.
    • HDD is fine.
    • SDD
    • Users/butte/ProgramFiles blah blah ooooor
  • D:\Python
    • Or Hook up to your cloud

3. Click your User Icon in the Windows tool bar.

  • Search environment variable
    • Proceed with progressing with “Environment Variables” button press
      • Under the “user variables” table select “New..” After the Canvas of Information
        • Add Python in Variable Name
        • Select the “D:\Python\python-3.7.0-embed-amd64\python.exe;”
        • click ok
      • Under the “System Variables” label and in the Canvas the first row has a value marked “Path”
        • Select “Edit” when “Path” is highlighted.
          • Select “New”
            • Enter D:\Python\python-3.7.0-embed-amd
            • click ok
          • Ok Save and double check
  • Open Power Shell

python --help

python --version


Error BB10-0010 OR 15

0015 – A fatal file system error was encountered.

Blackberry 10 OS version 10.2.0.XXXX

The BlackBerry 10 smartphone will not startup and displays an image with the following URL:

where XXXX is one of errors listed in the Cause field below.

The following errors can cause this issue:

0001 or 0002 – The currently installed BlackBerry 10 OS version is not supported on this smartphone.
0003 – A critical error was encountered while loading the BlackBerry 10 OS.
0004 – The currently installed radio software is not supported on the BlackBerry smartphone.
0005 – The BlackBerry 10 smartphone radio software is missing or invalid.
0015 – A fatal file system error was encountered.
0016 – A fatal file system error was encountered.
0017 – A fatal file system error was encountered.

1) 7:02 0001 or 0002 – The currently installed BlackBerry 10 OS version is not supported on this smartphone.
2) 7:12 0015 – A fatal file system error was encountered.

Note: Before completing the step below, download and install the latest version of BlackBerry Link

Reload the BlackBerry 10 OS. See KB34045 for steps.

If the Blackberry 10 OS does not reload or displays the same symptoms, then it is recommended to bring the smartphone back to place of purchase for service.


How to clean reload the BlackBerry 10 OS or BlackBerry PlayBook OS using BlackBerry Link

Ensure the computer is connected to the Internet.
Install the latest version of BlackBerry Blend (includes BlackBerry Link) here: http://www.blackberry.com/blend
Power off the BlackBerry device.
Open BlackBerry Link.
Connect the device to the computer with the USB cable.
Under the Devices heading, click the device name when it is displayed.
Note: If the device is not detected, at the top-right click Preferences.
Under Reload Device Software, click Reload.
Click OK.


Trying to connect to blackberry blend for 45 minutes. Restarted. Still no connection. I am changing my name, gender, pronouns, and email and I am a new blackberry user thus any collaborative information about Ian from android or apple could be lost in transfer.


I was just wondering if anyone can help me fix this error: I think I need to update to the latest version of BlackBerry but it is stuck on the connection to Blend since the account security might not have understood that I am a trans woman who is changing pronouns and name also this is a new device that I am getting from my father Paul.

Anyway I need to know if the account security measurers of RIM are taking into effect their transgender friends who would also like a good measure of security, faster web based content with secure encrypted messaging, and haha finally a good music and photo software.

1)Made an account on BlackBerry Got BlackBerry Link and Blend, still cannot connect.

2) Error BB10-0015 Stuck on security wipe, cannot connect to computer with BB Blend or BB Link.

3) The phone charges but cannot connect to a computer. No Devices are showing in BB Link.