Setting up a miner.

Prices in CAD 2018-02-18 End of night EST

This technology is extremely volatile thus the only way to know its price is to log into the system or create your own program i suggest Udemy and getting a python tutorial.

The below link is an forum post on bitcointalk a well trusted bitcoin mining tool, notice how they are using a bitcoin forum and i can mine ethereum with this tool. 

  2. Collect your private key for ethereuem use the ethereum wallet or Jaxx
  3. Collect your private key for pacal or sai on their respective wallets
  4. PLEASE READ THE HELP ME!!!!!!!!! plz plz plz
  5. Note that fines are 1% for mining solo
  6. Notes that fines are 2% for mining dual
  7. Do not add -nofee the miner will stop working
  8. Create a .bat file
    1. Or copy a .dat batfile
    2. Or edit a .dat file.
  9. Change the vales for -dwal <YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY> Coming up!!
  10. Add a worker name email monitoring and rig name
  11. dots are used for pascal
  12. slashes for ether

It should look something like this

#<VARIABLE> = a string or int or byte or something like that

#This is for RX580 Not the most efficient setup of one card but it’ll get you runnin






<.Exe for miner> -epool <your_pool_http>:<port number> -ewal <private key>/><Rig Name>/ -epsw <PasswordX> -dpool stratum+tcp:// -dwal <private key>.><Rig Name> x -dcoin pasc -ftime 10

  1. Then go to the api after you have the amount of shares needed
  2. Go to nanopool
  3. Click Ethereum
  4. Click API
  5. Enter your address
  6. Look at the results
  7. Do analysis of income – expenses
  8. Break down into hourly wage
  9. Break down into 2 week earning
  10. Buy some python courses
  11. Track your profit in USD/CAD
    1. Take your .1 of eth or btc multiply by the price of the coin
    2. If you chose USD that is the amount you have in USD
    3. if you choose CAD that is the amount you have in CAD

Ether is the only way I can be the proletariat because of a book called settlers.I can use Nicehash get paid in bitcoin for use of my computer to mine coins. Or keep the coins i produce by directly mining the ethereum blockchain. Or invest in ads and altcoins. – anon

2 things I need to live in the cyber punk future

1. A fancy hat or goggles:

This ones a given you gotta have flair everyone needs a thing to look at and why not get some hats or goggles, i mean they would make you looking pretty alright.

2. A blockchain

  1. Bitcoin Wallet

    I’d suggest playing around with it for a while learning the functions, reading the terms and conditions. Don’t change the gap.

  2. Miners:

Rent mining space or if you have a 1080ti or RX560 or above you can make a small profit with Nice Hash. I suggest to use the profitability calculator. It has loads and stats also look up the price of electricity i run a 140W motherboard at off peak at .065cent kW/h. Nice hash is a mining program that allows you to do transactions on the side off the block chain. So you can get paid faster. Its called accounting, and i think its pretty neat. I mean i know it’s been around for a while but still its a great idea.

      a.Pizza delivery by the mob:

I read this in a book once, about a hitman who comes after people who don’t pay their pizza bill. It was called Snow crash by Neal Stephenson.

    b. Decentralized Autonomous Robotics:

 In this report, we try to improve the performance of existing approaches for search operations in multi-robot context. We propose three novel algorithms that are using a triangular grid pattern, i.e., robots certainly go through the vertices of a triangular grid during the search procedure. The main advantage of using a triangular grid pattern is that it is asymptotically optimal in terms of the minimum number of robots required for the complete coverage of an arbitrary bounded area. We use a new topological map which is made and shared by robots during the search operation. We consider an area that is unknown to the robots a priori with an arbitrary shape, containing some obstacles. Unlike many current heuristic algorithms, we give mathematically proofs of convergence of the algorithms. The computer simulation results for the proposed algorithms are presented using a simulator of real robots and environment. We evaluate the performance of the algorithms via experiments with real robots. We compare the performance of our own algorithms with three existing algorithms from other researchers. The results demonstrate the merits of our proposed solution. A further study on formation building with obstacle avoidance for a team of mobile robots is presented in this report. We propose a decentralized formation building with obstacle avoidance algorithm for a group of mobile robots to move in a defined geometric configuration. Furthermore, we consider a more complicated formation problem with a group of anonymous robots; these robots are not aware of their position in the final configuration and need to reach a consensus during the formation process. We propose a randomized algorithm for the anonymous robots that achieves the convergence to a desired configuration with probability 1. We also propose a novel obstacle avoidance rule, used in the formation building algorithm. Decentralized Autonomous Navigation Strategies for Multi-Robot Search and Rescue




As we sail.

The dish pit is a hectic and peaceful place like the raging sea. The ships are the limitless plates that are circulated around the area. And the water? Well the water is the sink, the dishwasher. The drying racks a the rocks on which the sirens calls the plates into safety. And as they pile high i understand that this is what i want to do. Cause I’m the dish bunny. Not anyone bitch


but my own.


Wailing without the weary, we push on in the face of abuse. Looking for the few, who enjoy this kind of work. This truth that we are needed is enough. So long world we are in the pit and as the world rushes on and as we sail between the peaceful still waters, and the raging turbulent wrath of the boss, and the dishes.



Mascluinty a Quick Summary and link to full article. Plus other exerts on Gender…

In the middle ages, the concept of masculinity was created from the Bible and biblical sources. The definitions of masculinity of the middle ages can be further narrowed into four distinct categories: heroic, Christian, courtly lover, and intellectual. Most of them oppressed women. Since both greek and Christian philosophers and theologians considered men to dominate and an Order of Hierarchy, to control the violence of mankind.

The heroic male was based on the
ideals for pre-Christian warriors and rulers. In this case, men were, expected to be physically strong, intelligent and both willing and able to conquer and maintain rule over others, whether in a domestic or community setting.

From these ideas, masculinity was based
purely on three factors: impregnating women, protecting
dependents and providing for one’s family. In addition, males failed to live up to the set standards were labeled as “feminine” and weak, and would lose status within the community (Bullough 34).

However, as medieval society changed, the concepts
associated with masculinity had to be restructured.
By the middle of the eleventh century, an expanding
population created new professions, especially in urban areas, as yet without gender definitions. These new occupations included many positions within the church and the secular government.
These male occupation roles could not be gendered in the same manner because most were filled by celibate men (McNamara 4-5)

Secondly, celibacy imposed on a growing number of men
meant that there would be a surplus of unmarried women, who would be “unprotected, uncontrolled, and undefined” (McNamara

Overall, each category of masculinity was defined by three
specific factors: a goal, a means of achieving this goal, and a
definite attitude towards women. Although some characteristics are shared between categories, each of the three main defining factors differs greatly, causing the contradictions present within medieval society.


Fa’afafine are people who identify themselves as a third-gender in Samoa, American Samoa and the Samoan diaspora. A recognized gender identity/gender role since at least the early 20th century in Samoan society, and some theorize an integral part of traditional Samoan culture, fa’afafine are assigned male at birth, and explicitly embody both masculine and feminine gender traits, fashioned in a way unique to this part of the world. Their behavior typically ranges from extravagantly feminine to conventionally masculine.

Some fa’afafine recall believing they were girls in childhood, but knew better as adults. In Samoa, there is very seldom ridicule or displeasure towards a biologically male child who states that they are a girl. For instance, one study showed only a minority of parents (20 percent) tried to stop their fa’afafine children from engaging in femininebehavior. Being pushed into the male gender role is upsetting to many fa’afafine. A significant number stated that they “hated” masculine play, such as rough games and sports, even more than females did as children.





5 ways to be a better dishwasher

Control the Environment

Understand that you are in control of the dish pit the area which you control is yours you can flow it out, you can talk back to servers and try to organize the revolution of the dishpit.

You can eat the food.

Just eat it, I mean stick your finger in the moist crumbly center and fucking eat it. I mean if they arn’t going to feed you. eat that damn food. I did. Its was good. I loved eating the bacon bits and bits of fries. I mean i wouldnt eat everything but i def met people who would.

Demand to be fed.

Dishwashers should be fed real food. A whole meal. I don’t give a fuck if min wage is up so the high dishwasher is under a lot of stress and should get paid more and have a proper dinner.


Organize the area, understand the area, know the small places and that large places. Know that the people stacking the dishes are working too and that it is your job to organize the dishes. I mean not all the time, i mean some servers do organize. And i wov u but it is the job of the disher to organize the dishes. So that they can be clean and be reused by the cooks.

Be Chill

Understand the people are going to get on your nerves, that people don’t always respect the dishwasher. But just know that a lot of chefs do. That we are needed in the kitchen. Because of us we have plate of which to put food.




I am a Communal Indivulaist.

I am and believe in the individual. I am and believe that anyone properly supported will be an individual and should have a mean of production. Even if that means of production is the skill of helping other individuals. Even if the means of production is the romanticization of poverty, wealth, anarchy, feminism, transhumanism, or the concept of self. Be their means of production labour, theory, application of technology, or application of theory.




I probably will read Max Stirner [wiki link] and the theory of anarcho-egoism. I seem to be interested in the concept of individual choice of finding passion. This coupled with the anarcho-mutualism of everyone having a means of production in a free market. Makes for anarcho-medicalism. I do not know enough about economics to speculate on a shared credit system. But my main fear of anarcho-communism is that I wouldn’t have a means of production from which to provide for my family. And help them as they grow. I wish to understand anarcho-communism. But the lectures are dry and not very queer.

In order for the individual to be successful in the free market, one must be supported. At least for a disabled individual as myself. One or many could make a shared business out of successfully creating collaborative individuals out of the insane, disabled, and noncollaborative. Although I don’t know about changing the noncollabs to collabs I think it seams against their nature.

Medicalism: the acceptance of labels to classify us as different beings, and to form a community within these bounds. I suppose says the individual who has been exposed to psychiatry. And the scientific notion that everything can proven with the fact that everything is communicated through sciences such as biology, chemicalism, and physics.  What does anarcho-medicalism mean to this nation? It means that my means of production should include the means of production of my medicine. If pot smokers get the ability to produce their medicine, then so should I. Although I suppose one is a common weed, and the other a highly sought over a resource for making batteries and the other treating wounded soldiers.

TransHumanism. Is it right to change the body and mind to fit into society?



Do i grasp at labels, am I a conformist? But what exactly did i conform too? Something that is the real me? I mean what exactly am I conforming too? Revolution? Revolution from what: a system of oppression.

Am i oppressed or helped? I’m not the real me, but the real me is un functional even for the revolution, even from basic life. Even when helped… im pathetically useless in all cases. I can’t help anyone cause i can barley talk. I don’t have pride and that is pitiful because I’m an underdog, I AM NOT MY FATHER! I screech in the winds of tribulation. Tumbling into the timbers of triumph. Basic rights and fundamental basic needs is all I want. To take nothing but which i am. But I am a conformist. A reject from society. Is that oppression to ostracize the mentally ill.


From each their abilities, to each their own, to each their basic needs. And i have the last too, but my abilities are not harnessed. And if i try too. I’ll loose myself. I’ll bend myself to middle class the reality of revolution is impossible for me. Cause i can’t grow lithium, cause i can’t grow Abilify. Should i study chemistry inline of the revolution. The reality that i am labeled as insane is to much.


But i will not give in, i will not be persecuted for being a schziophrenic. I will be my gender. I will be my illness. and I will be THE DISH BUNNY BITCH..,..?! And even if i take a little warming up too. I’ll make it. You’ll make it. We’ll all make it. Cause in the revolution. We”ll need people who can stay awake for days, and the intuition to sense the thoughts of others. And that. That is my ability that is not being harnessed. Hypomania and psychosis is a terrible state of being, but its me. AND IM GOD DAMN PROUD!! And thank you doc. Thank you for controlling me in this society that we all share. So that i have chance. At a better life.

Sonnet 1

In the field beyond drink many waters.
For life will be short without water
looking for the life behind the squatters.
Blood thirst anguish and lamnations of slaughter

Behind the ill of many in future
Supportive, Sexy, and Symbolically Objectiful.
Healing up my correlated suture
Between my besutiful and i’ll buck you

Blasted between the roles of fog
before my eye i see the fog creep
This content i have created this Dialog
Unknow to future self I leap

plunging into the anarchy of the soul
Singing bow

Hay Market : Part 1

Propaganda by the deed

Such European anarchists as Bakunin, Kropotkin and Guillaume living in a London and the Jura, had been keeping their eyes on the united states for years as a possible fertile field for anarchist propaganda and action. Indeed Bakunin, upon hearing of hunger parades in New York and elsewhere was thinking of going to America as early as 1874, but affairs in Europe and his ill health which presently resulted in his death kept him from making the trip. Now in the summer of 1877 receiving reports of battles in several states they were all filled as Guillaume put it “with a lively emotion”.

Kropotkin published a lengthy review of the riots singing his praise of the “revolutionary qualities” which the American proletariat had shown.

Modern American Radicalism started around 1840 when the Germans elite started to move to America because of Marx and Engels. These intelligentsia of immigration brought with them the Multiplicity of ideas to America because of Marx and Engles. The idea: reconstruction of the entire wealth of production into the hands of the producer. Not to abolish capital but the capitalist class but with no idea on how to apply this concept in America

By the 1850 numerous American cities had popped open Gemeran American societies and educational clubs. These clubs were opposed to law breaking and were akin to their teachers Marx and Engels. People were beginning to become disturbed by these socialist ideals. People who would have thought to be greedy power has driven and ecological exploitation of the environment and country, were beginning to think that were socialists would be getting in the way.

Through the 1860 socialists were considered polite refined and intellectual. Then with the panic of 1873 with that terrible winter and the hunger parades that came with the 1870’s depression. In new york, a “committee of safety” noted person Samuel Gompers and a young German Justus Schwab unfurled the red flag of commune the bloody flag of Paris rising to the side of Samuel Gompers. The German Justus Schwab was dragged off to prison singing the

Marseillais La Marseillaise waooooo

Eyewitness reports show that the police of New York then rushed in beat women and children as well as men indiscriminately swinging their long heavy passionate phallic batons.